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Please refer to the Cash Deadline information below for funding requirements to purchase on a given investment date.

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You are about to enroll in the THE TORO COMPANY stock plan.

By now you should have reviewed the prospectus or plan brochure for the plan in which you intend to enroll. By proceeding to the enrollment process, you acknowledge that the prospectus or plan brochure has been provided to you. You also acknowledge that your investment decision is not based on any advice or recommendation by the Plan Administrator.

In connection with the Plan, as Plan Administrator, we collect certain nonpublic information about you. We will hold this information pursuant to the Privacy Policy located at the link on the bottom of this page.

If you are ready to proceed with the enrollment process, and to acknowledge receipt of this notice, please click the Invest Now button below.

If you are a current plan participant and wish to purchase additional shares for an existing holding, please visit us on the Shareholder Portal to establish a recurring or one-time investment via your online account.

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